Thursday, February 9, 2012


In reading "Sexual Puzzles" I learned that the 50's was a very different time then today. If a girl lost her virginity before she got married she was labled as "unpure",which I feel is not right. Ofcourse we live in a different era now, where women can explore there sexual side without being judged or looked down upon. I found it ridiculous how a girl would have a hard time finding a husband if they had sex before marrage. I feel it must have been a little bit confusing back in the 50s because girls were being taught to be sexual and seductive but couldnt "go all the way". I'll just leave off with im happy to live in modern times where the double standard lightened up and women are seen as equals by I want to say all men,but there still some men living in the 50s "in their minds".